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Do you have an innovative culinary concept, would you like to gain more visibility in the community and attract exciting new customers? Then you can be one of the exclusive BOSG establishments that can be discovered by our culinary community with the Dining-Pass. And this without any registration or participation fees!


BOSG creates the unique DINING-PASS, allowing a new nation of enjoyment to get to know the best restaurants in Switzerland. With the DINING-PASS, connoisseurs discover and explore innovative establishments like yours, enabling you to turn new guests into loyal customers. All it costs you is the value of a main course.

Owners of our Dining Pass travel in pairs to worlds of enjoyment like your restaurant. In return they get the cheaper main course. And you have a powerful marketing tool that only costs you the value of the products when you earn money at the same time.

As a Dining-Pass Partner you profit on many levels:

  • New guests for your business
  • Access to an exclusive community
  • Integration into the BOSG newsletter with over 120'000 subscribers
  • Higher visibility on the web
  • Differentiation from other restaurants
  • Various digital marketing campaigns
  • No direct marketing costs in Corona year

    Zero risk and clearly calculateable
  • You decide how many owners of a Dining Pass can come to your place every day, because the travelers of enjoyment are obliged to make reservations
  • Full flexibility: You can cancel your partnership at any time

Full flexibility:


The possible travel destinations for connoisseurs, thus innovative businesses like yours, are only available online. In the passport itself there are no restaurants shown, only open invitations are integrated, which the guest can take advantage of upon reservation. This way, you and we retain full flexibility.

If you are a new restaurant in the nation of enjoyment, we will connect you immediately and put you online. New enjoyment travelers will find your offer immediately in the portal and also in the Dining-Guide App.

If you think you have already won enough new guests over the Dining Pass and want to be your own little island of enjoyment again, then a simple click is enough. Immediately you will no longer be displayed on the portal and app and no travelers will bother you in the future.

What restaurateurs say about the Dining-Pass


Roman Varisco, 8304 Restaurant/Bar
«The Dining-Pass is a modern activation tool and offers me as a restaurateur the opportunity to reach new customers in a great way and to increase the awareness of my restaurant. A variety of marketing activities, such as those offered to me by BOSG, give me excellent opportunities to present the restaurant in an appealing light. We hope to continue our good and fruitful cooperation. BOSG may present itself even more as a partner in the future and develop into a label of quality for the Swiss gastronomy industry, even outside the competition.»


Gabriella Pahud, Heimeli
«I am convinced that today it is no longer enough to simply wait until the guests arrive. The Dining-Pass encourages you to deal with special restaurants and to add one or the other place to your personal bucket list. For our restaurant I see the advantage that guests find their way to us who might otherwise never have noticed us. And, with the Dining-Pass, dining almost becomes an event. Our goal is to attract guests who can indulge in positive emotions.  My most important wish for BOSG would be, that they might also inspect the published restaurants personally on-site.»


Yannick Hänggi, Simply im Rössli
«BOSG always has very good advertising platforms and so far all of them have been beneficial for us. The subscribers of BOSG are foodies and interested in gastronomy, so with the Dining-Pass we reach the right target group. A well chosen partnership is therefore very important for our marketing. I would like to see an even greater presence of BOSG outside of Zurich - and I wish to get a cigar from the sunset party.»


Daniel Pittet, loohof die wirtschaft
«The participation in the Dining-Pass enables me to do broad marketing and thus achieve visibility without loss of coverage. This without direct costs. As a participating Dining-Pass company, I benefit from the communication reach to the citizens of pleasure, which I would otherwise not reach as a small company. The new guests then have to be convinced of our restaurant on their first visit and to be won as regular customers.»


David Tschümperlin, Restaurant Lemon
«We are currently all in a difficult situation and are looking for ways to reach new guests. I also think it's a great idea that consumers can buy or give away a "gourmet pass" without being forced to decide which restaurant they want to visit. With the Dining-Pass we have found an innovative marketing activity and thus can reach a new group of guests.»


Stephan Kastl, Restaurant Olea, Seedamm-Plaza

«The Dining Pass is a great way for us to acquire new guests who do not know us yet. I see the advantage of the Dining Pass in the increased accessibility and as an additional advertising platform for our restaurant. Since we are always looking for new ideas and communication channels, the Dining-Pass complements our activities perfectly.»

First come, first served

Are you interested and would like to become a possible travel destination for discovery-minded gastronomy fans? Then apply to us for the Dining-Pass! We will get back to you as soon as possible. The number of participating establishments per region is limited.

Not a member yet?
Are you interested in acquiring new customers and would you like to become a possible travel destination for discovery-minded gastronomy fans? Then register for free in our Dining-Guide.

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