Invitation to an adventure.

Give your friends, family or yourself a "Dining-Pass" and become a Swiss citizen of pleasure and a culinary adventurer.


Let your hosts excite you and discover the culinary diversity of Switzerland.

It's a fact, that Switzerland has more to offer in the culinary field than ever before. As a citizen of pleasure, our restaurateurs will gladly invite you to one of two main courses. You decide according to your taste which invitation you would like to accept and which gastronomic concepts you would like to discover. With your personal passport you confirm your experience with your host's signature as a confirmation of entry. Our selection of hosts, with whom you can check-in according to your preferences, is dynamic and is getting regularly updated. 

Here you will soon find all the restaurants and bars that invite you to enjoy your stay.

For citizens of pleasure

  • Personalized Dining-Pass with protective cover
  • 20 individual and personalized invitations
  • Usable in different regions of Switzerland
  • Free choice from a variety of Restaurants
  • High quality production upon order
  • Culinary diary with signature of your host
  • Added value of over CHF 500.-

Your travel planner


Buy your passport


Choose a host


Reserve for two


Enjoy together


Get your invitation signed


Have a joyful time and come back

The Dining-Pass is valid for 12 months after ordering

You can personalize it for yourself or as a gift

You can choose from any of the pre-selected restaurants

You must mention your invitation along with your reservation

At least two people must accept the invitation

Only one invitation per table or per group

The less expensive main course is offered to you by your host

The host reserves himself the right to accept invitations for special events

The Dining-Pass is not transferable, as it is issued individually to one person

Invitations are accepted only once per pass in the same restaurant

You will receive a personal signature from your host as confirmation of your entry

Make your Restaurant an own pleasure nation


Use the Dining Pass as a personal surprise or gift. Starting from an order of 50 Dining-Passes, we personalize the passes for you on request in your CI/CD, both on the cover and the packaging. With these personalized passes you can thank your employees and/or customers with a high-quality, individualized Dining Pass with branding and logo.

With a personalized Dining-Pass you make an innovative gift with great effect!

Send us a request via contact form and design your personalized Brand Pass with us.




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